Classification of Columns and the Difference between Long and Short Column

Classification of Columns

Columns are essential structural elements in construction that provide vertical support and distribute loads to the foundation. These are used to transfer the superstructure’s load to the foundation safely. Compression members, columns, struts, and pedestals are mostly utilized in industries, buildings, bridges, tank support systems, and many other types of constructions. CLASSIFICATION OF COLUMNS Columns … Read more

Types of Failure and Defects in Painting Work

Defects and failure in painting work

The failure of painting work on walls or wooden members or structure state work is not uncommon. The paint job though an easy job has already peculiarities of its own. Add the same time, a failed paint job involves substantial expenditure by way of scrapping the old paint, repairing the surface, and cost of new … Read more

Types of Glass Properties and Manufacturing

Types of Glass

The types of glass has been used as an engineering material since ancient times but as a result of the glass industry’s recent explosive growth, glass has emerged as the most adaptable engineering material available today. Natural glass, such as obsidian and rock crystal, was used to create the first glass objects created by humans. … Read more

RCC Water Tank Vs Brick Water Tank Which is Better?

RCC Vs Brick Water Tank

As an alternative to conventional brick water tank constructions, the design of reinforced concrete (RCC) water tanks for water retention purposes has gained popularity. The RCC structures offer several benefits such as strength, durability, resistance to weathering, and water resistance. RCC Water Tank RCC Water tank is constructed by using a combination of concrete and … Read more

Load bearing Structure & Framed Structure |Components and Advantages|

Load Bearing Structure

A building at its structural integrity from load-bearing walls is rigid from work, which transfers and distributes the weight from the roof and top floor down to the foundation. According to the method of low transfer, there are two types of structures load bearing structure and frame structure. Load Bearing Structure In a load bearing … Read more

What is framed structure? |Types and Advantages|

What is Framed structure

What is a Framed Structure? A framed structure is a type of construction in which load-bearing components, including columns and beams, are combined to form a rigid framework. A framed structure is a type of construction in which load-bearing components, including columns and beams, are combined to form a rigid framework. This framework provides stability … Read more

What are the Top Sustainable Building Materials?

sustainable building materials

In today’s world, where environmental concerns are more crucial than ever sustainable building materials have become a component of eco-friendly construction. These materials not only decrease the environmental effect of buildings but also increase energy efficiency and improve both environmental and human health. To pave the way for a greener future, this article explores the … Read more

15 Low Cost Building Material Used in Construction

Eco-friendly building material

No matter the size, it gets more and more expensive to build a house because of the rising cost of building supplies as well as real estate. When it comes to building, the majority of people consider using low cost building materials like wood, concrete, and bricks. You can use low cost building materials to … Read more

Types of Cracks in Beams |Causes and Prevention|

Types of Cracks in Beams

Types of cracks in beams are common in concrete beams when the beam is subjected to shear force and bending moment. However, over time, beams can develop cracks due to various factors. The types of cracks in the reinforced concrete beams are described in detail. WHAT IS BEAM? A beam is a flexural member designed … Read more

Plinth Beam |Purpose Construction and Advantages|

What is plinth beam

What is Plinth Beam? A plinth beam is a reinforced concrete beam constructed at the plinth level of a building. It is constructed between the foundation and the walls of the building. It is the horizontal member that connects all the columns at the plinth level of a structure. It runs along the periphery of … Read more