Preliminary Works in Construction

Preliminary Works in Construction

Before the actual construction work starts, several important preliminary works in construction must be carried out to ensure a smooth and successful execution of the project. There is a wide range of materials, equipment, and labor included in construction preliminary expenses because they have an effect on the project as a whole. There are numerous … Read more

Classification of Columns and the Difference between Long and Short Column

Classification of Columns

Columns are essential structural elements in construction that provide vertical support and distribute loads to the foundation. These are used to transfer the superstructure’s load to the foundation safely. Compression members, columns, struts, and pedestals are mostly utilized in industries, buildings, bridges, tank support systems, and many other types of constructions. CLASSIFICATION OF COLUMNS Columns … Read more

Types of Overhead Water Tanks and Construction

Overhead water tank

Overhead water tanks are constructed elevated, above the ground to get the desired head of water to supply at appropriate pressure. They are constructed on some supporting system called “staging”. These tanks may be designed as rectangular or circular in shape, depending upon the storage capacity requirements. For longer capacities, such as 75000 liters or … Read more

Types of Dragline Excavator |Purpose and Basic Parts|

Dragline Excavator

What is a Dragline Excavator? A dragline excavator is a large excavation machine used in mining, civil engineering, and other heavy-duty applications. It consists of a large crane-like boom, a hoist and drag cable system, a drag chain, and a bucket, allowing it to excavate materials efficiently. Large amounts of soil can be moved by … Read more

Physical Properties of Steel and Defects

Physical Properties of Steel and Defects

It is observed that steel is found to be necessary for the operation of both the heavy and light engineering industries, shipbuilding, railways and rolling stock, automobiles, sheet metal industries, power generation, and electrical industries, etc. Understanding the Factors Affecting Physical Properties of Steel The physical properties of steel can vary depending on several factors. … Read more

Types of Failure and Defects in Painting Work

Defects and failure in painting work

The failure of painting work on walls or wooden members or structure state work is not uncommon. The paint job though an easy job has already peculiarities of its own. Add the same time, a failed paint job involves substantial expenditure by way of scrapping the old paint, repairing the surface, and cost of new … Read more

Types of Glass Properties and Manufacturing

Types of Glass

The types of glass has been used as an engineering material since ancient times but as a result of the glass industry’s recent explosive growth, glass has emerged as the most adaptable engineering material available today. Natural glass, such as obsidian and rock crystal, was used to create the first glass objects created by humans. … Read more

5 Innovative Technologies in Transforming the Construction Industry

Innovative technology in construction industry

Innovative technologies have brought about considerable changes in the construction industry. Significant progress has been made in recent years, by increasing productivity and efficiency in the past years. Innovative developments, such as drone technology and 3D printing, are completely changing the construction industry. We will look at five of the most exciting new technologies that … Read more

Importance of Construction labor in India

Importance of construction labor in india

Construction labor plays an important role in the growth and development of the Indian economy. As the country continues to witness rapid urbanization and infrastructure expansion, the demand for skilled construction labor is on the rise. The construction industry in India depends a lot on its workers for success because there are always new projects … Read more

RCC Water Tank Vs Brick Water Tank Which is Better?

RCC Vs Brick Water Tank

As an alternative to conventional brick water tank constructions, the design of reinforced concrete (RCC) water tanks for water retention purposes has gained popularity. The RCC structures offer several benefits such as strength, durability, resistance to weathering, and water resistance. RCC Water Tank RCC Water tank is constructed by using a combination of concrete and … Read more